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About Us

The IN STEP Experience
Welcome to IN STEP School of Dance located in Fairfax, Virginia. We offer dance lessons in our beautiful friendly studio for any level of dancer. Our small classes provide an appropriate setting for dancers of any skill level from beginners to the more advanced dancer. The ability to learn at your own pace ensures a positive overall result. We offer affordable private and group lessons to meet your busy lifestyle. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with an enjoyable dance experience. Our Friday night social dance parties are open to all. They offer you the chance to practice your dancing in a "no stress" social setting. We provide snacks and refreshments for your enjoyment. At IN STEP School of Dance, learning how to dance is always easy and fun. At your very first lesson, you’ll learn the basic elements of which all dance patterns are based and within hours, you’ll be ready to dance. Don’t put it off for another moment. Walk into IN STEP School of Dance today and take that first dance step. Please click NEW STUDENTS for more information on a special offer for you. 

IN STEP's Approach to Teaching
Whether you are single or you have a partner, our professional instructors can teach you to dance the Cha-Cha, Rumba, Bolero, Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango or Salsa, to name a few. We offer our dancers an excellent setting in which to learn how to dance. Our studio is one of the last remaining studios committed to teaching American Standard Social Dancing. Our comprehensive program of group or private lessons offers something for every budget and schedule. When you take lessons at our studio, you will be prepared to dance at any occasion. Please click CLASSES or WORSHOPS for more information. 

Planning on getting married? Our wedding dance packages can make your expectation of the perfect wedding dance come true. Please click WEDDING DANCE for more information. 

IN STEP's Philosophy
In 2010, In Step celebrated it’s 30 year anniversary. Thousands of students have passed through our system of group and private lessons plus practice parties, prepared for any dancing event. Sus1in Shay, IN STEP’s owner, believes that “dancing should be fun” and that has been the philosophy of In Step’s teaching and parties. In keeping with this motto, the atmosphere is friendly, joyful and everyone is treated as “family”. While your desire to learn how to dance will require concentration and time, you will be constantly surrounded by cheerful people who will make your instruction at IN STEP a most pleasurable and rewarding experience. 

IN STEP's Social Events
It does not end there. Every year "In Steppers" meet for special dance events (Anniversary Dance and Summer Prom), BBQ’s, and theater outings. Every two years we organize a cruise to wonderful domestic and international ports of call. We also think it’s important to give back to the community so we "Race for the Cure", collect "Toys for Tots" and food for those in need. 

Visit the Events Calendar for more information. 

IN STEP's Take On Why to Dance
Beyond instruction, dance opens a wide spectrum of social settings in which friendships are forged. Dancers naturally posses an aura of self-confidence and the ability to enjoy themselves more in public settings. Your entire mental outlook will take on a renewed sense of creativity, motivation and energy. Dance provides an emotional outlet in which a person can truly reflect his or her feelings through body movement. The ability to dance is present in everyone, it only needs to be cultivated through sound instruction methods. Then you are on your own, expressing yourself with passion and flair. 

Dancing helps the body’s circulatory system as it makes your heart pump faster. Dancing encourages weight control and overall fitness through calorie burn-off. The constant movement and muscle extension during dance sessions also provides pleasing, mild, exercise most people long for but rarely achieve, especially in such pleasant circumstances. 

Walk into IN STEP School of Dance today and take that first dance step. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with an enjoyable dance experience.

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