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Susin Shay

Susin has been dancing since she started classical ballet lessons at four years of age. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts & Dance and went on to do graduate work in Dance Education. 


She began her career teaching for Arthur Murray and has been the owner of In Step School of Dance since 1980. She provides instruction in all American Social Dances including Ballroom, Latin and Club styles. 

Susin has always believed in the power of dance to bring joy to people’s lives and continues to make this In Step’s primary mission beyond dance instruction.


Sandy Bryant

One spring evening in 1990, Sandy came to In Step to enjoy an evening of dancing. She walked out with a job offer and a chance to build a career. Today, Sandy has a long-running roster of students, heads In Step’s Teen Class program (including Freestyle Exam preparation) and specializes in preparing wedding couples for their Big Day. Sandy’s enthusiasm and passion for dance are contagious as she helps her students progress in their skills.


In addition to her core Ballroom study, she has trained in ballet and various swing styles. She has also received training in the National Ballroom Syllabus under Ricky Geiger.




TJ has been an instructor at In Step for over ten years, teaching all American Ballroom Dance styles. She loves working with students in both private and group lessons. Her gentle but firm approach makes all of her students feel at ease and well looked after. 

TJ teaches various specialty workshops, and her artistic choreography and Spotlight performances are especially unforgettable. 


TJ is also a long-time Line Dance instructor having taught for Fairfax County Recreation and various local Senior Centers.


Bill Powers

Bill has been dancing for over 30 years and instructing at In Step since 2000. He teaches private and group lessons in all American Social Dances including Ballroom, Latin and Hustle as well as both East and West Coast Swing styles.


Bill regularly teaches workshops in various American Dance styles, performs in both group and couple Spotlight routines and instructs Meetup Group classes.

He has also taught Ballroom and Tap Dancing classes at Fairfax and Arlington County Recreation Centers.

Rafael Noto

Rafa has over 18 years of dance experience in American and International Ballroom styles. He has been an Instructor for ten years and has been competing at a national level for eight years. He also regularly provides dance instruction for various cruise lines.


Students love Rafa’s outgoing, positive personality and continuous encouragement as he teaches.

John Jerz

John instructs in all American Ballroom and Latin dances as well as Argentine Tango, Hustle and West Coast Swing. He has 19 years of dance experience, having accomplished Gold Bar Level and has been an Instructor since 2014. His students appreciate his quiet, gentle approach as he guides them skillfully through the learning process.

By day, John is an Electrical & Systems Engineer.

Carl Williams

Carl has manyyears of dance experience and has been an instructor since 2010. He currently teaches American Ballroom and Latin dances through the Silver Level.

Carl also has experience in Square Dancing and Irish Set Dancing. In addition to dance, Carl has a musical history – having played tuba and bass guitar for 25 years, including tours with both the Marine Corps and Navy bands. He is also a current member of the Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in First Kid, House of Cards, Night at the Museum 2 and National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

Nancy Chang

Nancy has been dancing at In Step for many years and has completed her Gold Bar Level in both Smooth and Latin styles. She has been an Instructor since 2012, teaching both classes and private lessons and assisting with the Meet-Up Group classes.


Nancy teaches with a deep love of dance as well as patience and understanding, knowing that students learn best when they feel comfortable and are having fun.

Stephanie Graham

Stephanie’s love of dance started with ballet when she as young. Her interest in ballroom started in 2012 after attending a party with ballroom dancing. She has been hooked ever since. She loves performing dance routines, the more creative the better. She works as a mental health nurse when she isn’t dancing.

Stephanie’s combination of love for dance and gentleness with students makes her perfect as an instructor.

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